Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon March 25th, 2012

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The annual Dallas Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon will be March 25th this year and starts at 8am, with a 7:55am start for racing wheelchairs.

This year there will be some added drama, as there is a potential to both see pro-life and pro-choice protesters at the starting line. The Dallas Rock N’ Roll Half marathon benefits the now-controversial Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Recent events such as the defunding of breast cancer research involving stem cell research by the tune of $12 million dollars last November, in addition to the much more infamous move by ex-VP Karen Handel to defund women’s health organization, Planned Parenthood this January.

Staring location: Pioneer Plaza/Dallas City Hall – Young St. & S. Griffin St (google map this)
Finish location: Fair Park/Cotton Bowl – 1300 Robert B Cullum Boulevard (google map this)

Like last year, the Marathon route stays the same

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Find more official Dallas Half Marathon Rock n Roll details at their official site

Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the DMA this weekend only

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The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the DMA is the first of only two U.S. cities on the international tour. Exhibit ends this Sunday at 11pm.

The first exhibition devoted to the designs of world-renowned French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier will made its U.S. debut at the Dallas Museum of Art in November 2011, and ends this Sunday, February 12, 2012 @ 11pm.


More info can be found here at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Gaultier page

Occupy Dallas in second week, camped out at City Hall

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Occupy Dallas has moved to City Hall Park at the invitiation of local government, the open strip of land immediately in front of our tragically dated-looking City Hall. They are boasting a semi-permanent “population” of 120, and 1000+ protesters at this time.

Dallas, TX, Oct. 14, 2011 — The General Assembly (GA) of OccupyDallas held a vote concerning an offer from the city to relocate their tents and shelters to City Hall Park which will serve as a base for continued protests during the day at Pioneer Plaza. The vote was passed 47-21 and the relocation of tents and shelters will begin Sunday afternoon.
Friday marks the start of the movement’s second week and protesters eagerly await the march planned for 1 p.m. Saturday which has been coordinated with other movements across the nation. The march will begin at Pioneer Park and protesters will then head to the Goldman Sachs building. Standing in solidarity with each other has been a foundational principle for the Occupy movements which have kept in contact with each other regularly. Organizers have utilized social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to share needs and information concerning the occupations across America. For OccupyDallas, this new location at the park located on City Hall grounds will serve as a headquarters for the group.
For more information, contact Michael Prestonise at 214-293-0548 or news@occupydallas.org. More information, including additional multimedia content, can also be found at www.occupydallas.org.

full story here

“Occupy Wall Street” Comes to Dallas – Officially

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As news of a nationwide crackdown on economic protests sweeps the country tonight, Occupy Dallas three hours ago put out a press release, announcing that they have secured a special event permit – to protest indefinitely, but in final form limiting them until Friday:

OccupyDallas officially applied for a special event permit from the city on Monday. After hearing word of OccupyWallStreet receiving permission from Mayor Bloomberg to remain in Zuccotti Park indefinitely, the protesters in Dallas had high hopes that city officials would follow suit. After talks with Special Events Manager Lori C. Chance, OccupyDallas was informed that the permit, including the word ‘indefinite’ in the end-date field, would be processed and the fee would be waived.
Members of OccupyDallas began day five in Pioneer Plaza with breakfast and then a march to the JFK Memorial Plaza. At 2 p.m. a small delegation walked up to City Hall to deliver their public letter to city officials in person. At 4:19 p.m. the permit application was submitted at the offices for special event permits and OccupyDallas was told that a city official would be in contact regarding the status of the permit, namely whether or not the permit would be for an indefinite stay. Several hours later, after receiving no contact from city officials, members of OccupyDallas had to read in a press release posted on the Dallas Morning News website that the permit had been modified to include an end date of Friday, October 14th, 2011. The published document states that OccupyDallas has until 5 p.m. Tuesday to present a certificate of General Liability Insurance in the name of the city of Dallas or else the permit is subject to revocation.

More info can be found here: http://occupydallas.org/

Sigel’s DFW Food Truck Festival on Greenville Ave

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Second is the Sigel’s DFW Food Truck Festival vendors include Gandolfo’s NY DeliJack’s ChowhoundNammi VietnameseRuthie’s Rolling Cafe3 Men and a TacoEnticed Shaved IceThe Bomb Fried PiesTrailercakes, and Mr. Cool Ice Cream.

Also they will have craft beer and wine tasting. Sounds like a great time. Bring cash. Food trucks don’t always take credit cards.

Grab a Ruben at Gandolfo’s NY Deli, Meatball sliders at Jack’s Chowhound, Banh mi or Sweet Mint Basil @ Nammi Vietmanese, and be sure and check out the newcomer 3 Men and a Taco

The Sigel’s DFW Food Truck Festival is located at 5757 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX, just across the street from Petco, and near McDonalds and Freebird’s World Burrito by The Village. Lover’s station is about a seven (7) minute walk, mostly shaded by oak trees to the south of the event.


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Fall Foodie Weekend

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While not directly in Greenville Avenue, there are two foodie events going on this Saturday:

DallasChocolate.org DallasChocolate.org is an educational organization with a mission to educate Dallas about chocolate one bar at a time. At the Addison Conference Center located 15650 Addison Rd, Addison TX


East Dallas Spring Garden Planting Schedule

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Lots of people have their tomatoes in the ground and are looking forward to harvesting them in a few weeks. This will be my third year gardening in east Dallas, and my Jalapeño and Anaheim Pepper plants have already begun to set fruit. This year I have over fifteen varieties of fruits and vegetables growing in my garden. The problem with gardening in Dallas is the extremely long growing season, and the harsh summer weather makes it difficult to grow traditional western European vegetables that are used to shorter days and cooler growing conditions. Here’s a quick list of some common plants and when you should start planting your seeds. If you’re buying seedlings, transpose these dates forward by 2-3 weeks.

Late May
Sweet Potatoes
Beans – snap
Beans – lima

Black Eye Peas
New Zealand Spinach
Summer Squash
Tomatoes (for Fall)

Lima Beans
Snap Beans
Broccoli (Late July)
Celery & Celeriac
Sweet Corn
Winter Squash

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DPD to Enforce Open Container Laws at Parade

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Word is getting around that Dallas is going to be more strictly enforcing open container laws this year at the Greenville Avenue St Patrick’s day parade. Last year, at the 2010 parade there was no problem walking around with beer, enjoying the parade and company of other temporary Irish immigrants. Considering that the City of Dallas is sponsoring the construction of a massive new Las Vegas-style convention center hotel, the last thing they want to do is clamp down on what little tourism we do have here by arresting people for what tourists like to do the most – drink!

It’s a short blurb, but this is definitely real. This will be in sharp contrast to last year’s fun, bourbon-street style environment. There appears to be a slant towards simply keeping drunks from relieving themselves in the front yards and swimming pools of nearby residents, but one can never be too cautious.

Another blogger Tim Rogers had the sense to call up the Dallas PD and speak to someone directly. Until I get a chance to do that, I’ll mirror that here:

Here is the official word from Senior Cpl. Jonathan Crump, a Dallas Police Department spokesman who will himself be working the parade: yes, this year they will be “a little more strict” on open containers. But this is not a zero-tolerance policy. “You can be three sheets to the wind,” Crump says. “But if you don’t present a problem for me, you’ll be going home that night. If you present a problem for me, you won’t be going home.” Meaning, you’ll be going to jail. “It’s all about your attitude,” Crump says.

Open container tickets are a class C misdemeanor with a $250 fine in Dallas.

Here’s a quick blurb from Angela Hunt, Dallas City Councilmember:

Changes include more trashcans and portalets, increased police presence south of Belmont Avenue, additional enforcement in the 3500 block of Greenville Avenue, and strict enforcement of the Open Container Ordinance (Section 6-6.1). Check for updated info at www.dallascityhall.com .

-Angela Hunt, Dallas City Councilmember

Apparently the Dallas Observer won’t be organizing the parade this year. The Greenville Avenue Business Association is heading things up this year.

Garland Road Vision Plan Approved

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Let’s face it. Garland Road is a pretty bland stretch of highway. It’s painfully obvious that Dallas city zoning board gave up on the area by the mid 1990′s. Littered with half empty big box stores and used auto lots, old or decaying roadside signs, the area is looking economically anemic. Squeezed by neighborhoods to the west and the railroad to the east, it’s a narrow, but long center of commerce for many (29,000) residents on the far side of White Rock Lake. It’s also a bastion of small, independent businesses, employing about 20,000 people.

Garland Road’s southern/western terminus is at the White Rock Lake spillway, which has been extensively remodeled in recent years as part of a larger investment in the area. While the spillway itself is beautiful, it is surrounded on three sides by a pawn shop, a gas station, a liquor store and a storage facility. While important to Dallas city life, they aren’t exactly shining examples of businesses you want across the street from your new park.

At the north end of the proposed improvement district is Samuel Garland Park, and two rusting railroad bridges, along with a rail yard. Just south of this is the percieved blight – many used car lots, half empty or closed big box stores, and lots of telephone poles, wires and road signs.

The City of Dallas recently approved the Garland Road plan. The plan speaks to improve this northern end of Garland Road, needing the most improvement, but Of interest is the fact that it extends all the way to the White Rock Lake spillway – two completely unconnected neighborhoods. This likely just good politics. The strech of road between the spillway and Buckner Rd is a healthy, bustling business center, with green manicured lawns and brick crosswalks, and has largely been glossed over in this report. The two areas focused on seem completely unconnected and it’s confusing why they would choose the spillway as their southern terminus.

So let’s talk about the real problem citizens are concerned about: poor (but stable) economic growth in the area from Peavy road to 635. The plan outlines a system of adding several parks and minor concessions such as continious sidewalks, decreasing bus service (poor people!) to the area and a cutesy trolly-shaped bus in trade for adding high density housing all up and down an already crowded traffic coridor. Awkwardly tacked on to this Vision is the desire to raze everything in a half mile radius of the White Rock spillway and build an urban, walkable neighborhood.

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Dallas Rock’n'Roll Half Marathon March 27 2011

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A road closure notice was hung on my door last week. It’s time for the annual Dallas half-marathon, benefiting Breast Cancer Research, via the Susan G. Komen Dallas foundation. The half marathon will start at 8am on March 27th, 2011, featuring a distance of 13.1 miles and over 15,000 participants nationwide raising more than $2.4 million dollars for research, screening and awareness.

The race starts off at Dallas City Hall, crossing over I-35E  twice, north up through Turtle Creek to Highland Park, then east along Beverly Dr and Mockingbird Ln skirting the southern end of SMU, before heading south through east Dallas on Skillman St and winding through lower Greenville, down Swiss and Haskell Avenues, and terminating inside Fair Park. Conveniently, there will be additional service to both ends of the race via DART rail, serviced by these two stations

So there will be easy access to both ends of the event this year thankfully. Parking in downtown can be a chore, and expensive once you find a spot. DART rail parking is free and a lot more convenient than dealing with the traffic mess that is sure to ensue on Sunday morning. Compounding the need for using the DART rail, there will be a whole slew of road closures – including 15 whole road closures from 7am-noon, and 10 partial road closures. Click here for a list of the road and freeway ramp closures for the marathon.

View Dallas Half Marathon 2011 in a larger map

Personally, I’m a bit skeptical as to why the marathon crosses an interstate twice, both for pedestrian and driver safety, and for logistical reasons. Crossing highways means closing on and off ramps and seriously disrupting traffic. With 11 freeway ramp closures, each requiring two squad cars and attendant drivers for 3-6 hours, that is a lot of overtime for the bankrupt city to pay. Pedestrian safety could be improved dramatically while cutting overtime budgets by sending the marathon straight up Houston St, cutting out two interstate pedestrian crossings, and making up the lost distance  by routing the east Dallas portion west on Belmont and south through Greenville Avenue.